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This course can no longer be booked.

Brow Conversion Course

The course will reveal all the secrets of creating Ombre Eyebrows.

Course Details

This course will include both practical and theoretical elements and requires at least six months Microblading/PMU experience. The course will reveal all the secrets of creating ombre eyebrows. If you are considering changing from Microblading techniques to device work, this is the perfect course for you. Understanding the difference between manual methods and machine techniques to create incredible soft natural enhancements suitable for all skin types, widening your expertise and the services you can offer to your clients. The world of permanent makeup changes rapidly. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of shading techniques. They vary in the degree of saturation and coloration density. When executed properly, the effects of soft shading looks always perfect, eyebrows look natural and well-cared for and the effect is more stable. During this course, technicians will learn how to perform various shading techniques for different skin types. They will be able to easily achieve a soft and smooth transition from light to dark, play with shades to obtain the most realistic result. During the course, great attention is paid to the principles and techniques of shading and creating at borderless finish. All students will work on live models and will be required to supply these themselves (please let us know if you require assistance with this). We will offer ongoing support via a dedicated student only Facebook page which will be available during clinic opening hours. ​Refreshments are available throughout the day and a light lunch is included. Complimentary gift bag.

Terms & Conditions

Please refer to our terms & conditions for details of our cancellation policy.

Contact Details

  • Copper Street

    10 Copper Street, Dorchester, UK

    01305 269220


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