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Hairstroke & Combination Brows

Perform realistic hair stroke and combinations eyebrows.

Course Details

This course will include both practical and theoretical elements and requires at least six months previous PMU experience. The course will reveal all the secrets of performing realistic hair stoke and combination eyebrows. During the course you will learn several different patterns and learn to perfect the technique. You will be creating the shapes and lines, taking into account all of the features in the natural facial symmetry. The course will explain and demonstrate how to approach the implementation of the hair: its bend, thickness, depth of pigment injection, the slope and the speed of the machine. ​It will cover the detailed principles of the execution of hair stroke weaves and creating different patterns with the separate hair technique along with the principles of colour matching and working with different techniques in order to perform superb semi-permanent makeup on eyebrows. ​All students will work on live models, this can either be someone you know who can accompany you, or we will endeavour to help you find a model. We will offer ongoing support via a dedicated, student only Facebook page which will be available during clinic opening hours. ​Refreshments are available throughout the day and a light lunch is included.

Terms & Conditions

Please refer to our terms & conditions for details of our cancellation policy.

Contact Details

  • Copper Street

    10 Copper Street, Dorchester, UK

    01305 269220


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